DECViP project

Welcome to the website of the DECViP project!

The development of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) is a European priority for increased mobility of VET learners, as indicated in the Bruges Communique. The DECViP project addresses the need for common guidelines required in utilising ECVET.

DECViP stands for Developing ECVET in Practice. As a Transfer of Innovation project, DECViP aims to test ECVET principles within the context of sharing innovative practice between partner countries - Austria, Finland and the UK. During this two-year project, running from October 2012- September 2014, the partners will work together with the aim to deliver practical tools and guidance through key project outcomes which other ECVET stakeholders can take forward.

Activities are set to include a period of testing the allocation of ECVET points to qualifications, followed by the practical development of the Memorandum of Understanding and Learner Agreement using theoretical mobility periods, which will finally support the drafting of a practical guide.

Each of the countries has been previously involved in a number of activities at the national level preparing the ground for ECVET implementation. The UK partners have been developing a pilot method for connecting ECVET points to English VET system credits which requires further testing. The Finns have made great progress towards full implementation of ECVET by testing its suitability for Finnish vocational qualifications through the FINECVET project. The Austrian partners have developed a comprehensive guide on the application of ECVET in the context of international VET mobility, and this project will seek to build on this prior experience and guidance.

After the project reaches its conclusion, the outcomes will be shared amongst ECVET stakeholders and used to facilitate ECVET implementation across Europe.

The DECViP project is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme through a Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation project grant.

On this website you can find specific information about the DECViP project as the project progresses.