About the Project

About the Project

The DECViP project makes use of the relevant recommendations, studies and outcomes of the projects produced over the last few years. The key activities of this project will be to share and evaluate all aspects of ECVET implementation, from the allocation of points through the use of the practical tools for applying ECVET to periods of learning.

Stages of the Project:

The key stages of the project include the following activities:

  • Allocation of ECVET points
  • Development and application of ECVET tools such as Memorandum of Understanding and Learning Agreement
  • Development of a joint guide to the practical application of ECVET useful to broad range of VET systems

Contribution of the Project Partners

All partners will contribute to all project phases, however the responsibility for leading specific project phases will rotate based on the expertise of the members of the consortium. Furthermore, all project partners will work to disseminate and utilise the project outcomes in their own systems and across Europe through a number of paths, including newsletters, a project website, stakeholder meetings and seminars.

See the project timeline below for a more detailed overview of the stages of the project:

project timeline