Latest Project News

Latest Project News

August 2014 – DECViP project final seminar in London, 25 September

The DECViP project team invites you to participate in a seminar on using ECVET for mobility, to be held in London on 25 September.

Through presentations from the project team, and interactive workshop elements, the seminar will explore how ECVET can be used in practice to support high-quality mobility for learners. The discussions will draw on the testing conducted by the DECViP project partners through the project, and will be supported by the Practical Guide “Make It Count” which the project has published.

Places are limited so please contact the team soon, and no later than 18 September, if you would like to attend. You can request booking details and further information by e-mailing the team at

The seminar will run from 10.30am to 4.00pm and will be held at the St Bride’s Foundation, Bride Lane, Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 8EQ.

June 2014 – DECViP Guide “Make It Count” nearing completion

The DECViP project team have spent the past several months working on developing a practical guide, drawing on the testing the team has conducted on using ECVET. The guide, “Make It Count”, is in its final draft stage and will be going to print this summer. The team are looking forward to sharing it with ECVET practitioners throughout Europe, especially through the final project seminar, to be held in London in September.

October 2013 – DECViP Learning Agreement included in NetECVET toolkit!

The Learning Agreement for theoretical learner “Maija” from Finland has been included as an example of how to complete a Learning Agreement in the ECVET Toolkit developed by the NetECVET project. You can view the example from the DECViP project, and other ECVET tools and examples, at:

June 2013 – Project Meeting

A project meeting was held at the beginning of June in Helsinki. The partners discussed the results of developing a theoretical partnership and designing study periods for theoretical learners "Maija" from Finland and "Darren" from the UK. This led to negotiations on how to complete the Memorandum of Understanding and Learning Agreements. The partners will now complete a report of the work, which will feed into the guidance to be developed later in the project.

February 2013 – DECViP project a case study for UK ECVET Experts

The DECViP project has been included amongst the case studies on testing and using ECVET published via the UK ECVET Experts team website. To read the case study and learn about the team of UK ECVET Experts, please visit:

January 2013 – Project Meeting

The project meeting was held at the beginning of the year in Cheltenham. The partners discussed the results of allocation of ECVET points using the proposed conversion method jointly developed by VTCT and the ECVET NCP for England, and how this method compared to an allocation of points to Finnish vocational programmes. The partners will now complete a report of the work, which will feed into the guidance to be developed later in the project.

October 2012 – Kick-off Meeting

The DECViP project held its project kick-off meeting in Cheltenham in October 2012. The detailed overview of the project was presented focusing on the aims, objectives, activities and the timeline of the project. In line with the aims of the initial stage of the project, partners Sedu and VTCT discussed the first stages of work and agreed the steps for completed the first phase of the project work.